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Support Is Available In The Members Area.

Contacting EzClix

Support is available to registered Members from your Dashboard. All other contacts can be directed through the EzSites Support Hub.

We apologise for any inconvenience, but unfortunately 90% of the messages being sent through our contact form were submitted by spam bots, so we've had to switch to a ticketed helpdesk.

Before you go do that though, please check the Frequently Asked Questions shown below, as 90% of the enquiries we get are already covered there.

I joined but I can't login?

After your initial payment is processed, you'll be redirected to the Warrior Plus website. Look for the access link as shown below....

I've already closed that window?

No problem. Jjust look for the Warrior Plus Receipt in your email. The Access Your Purchase link will get you back to the same web page...

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, please see our support center.

Are there restrictions on what site I can promote?

Yes there are. We use a lot of different traffic sources that each have their own rules, so we have to be strict to protect our own accounts and keep the traffic flowing for everyone.

Can I change my sites later on?

Yes you can. You can change your sites any time on your Members' Dashboard and the changes will take effect immediately. You're always in total control.

Can I use a Rotator?

No you can't. A number of our best traffic sources specifically ban rotator links, so we check this manually to keep our traffic accounts safe. Extra link slots are available if you want but any rotators detected or reported will be blocked.

What's your refund policy?

There are NO REFUNDS. Your traffic starts as soon as you join and we order new traffic several times a week, based on new orders. Please DO NOT JOIN if you aren't OK with this. There is a One-Click Cancellation available on your Account page if you change your mind, but please do not ask for a refund. View our full Refund Policy here.

Do I have to traffic surf or read emails?

ABOLUTELY NOT! That's a terrible use of your time. We recommend you spend your time setting up ONGOING traffic systems instead, that will keep working long after you stop. There's a couple of these built into your EzClix account that we'll tell you about in the Bonus Section.

Can I promote EzClix as a non-member?

You can but it's not recommended. All of our best converting promo tools are built into the EzClix system, so Members will get much better results. Check our affiliates page for details.

How Many Visitors Will I Get?

This is the most common question, but it's also the hardest one to answer. Visitor numbers fluctuate as we're adding new traffic systems all the time, and we also be remove sources those that don't convert! We've also got a lot of viral systems built-in that are designed to generate an increasing volume of traffic over time.

For all that, our focus is on quality. We'd rather send you a few hundred high-quality visitors each month than thousands of trash-clicks. As our viral systems continue to grow, we deliver both the quality and the volume, but that will take time.

We also have a number of bonuses where we assign some (very generous) traffic credits to your pages, but the delivery speed is entirely up to the 3rd party sites we use... so your traffic there will be locked-in, but it could take a while for it all to come through.

Still not sure? Click the link below so you can see what our Members are saying about EzClix...

But I've Seen Cheaper Offers?

I've seen them too and they all follow a similar business model. They all rely on Internal Traffic to get you PageViews. ie. Your pages are mostly seen by Members using the site and people sent by Affiliates promoting the site.

So their costs are next-to-nothing which is how they keep it so cheap.

The little traffic you do get is either other Members, or soon-to-be Members, so technically there's some Buyer Traffic but most of them are only there because they have their own offer to promote. I've personally tried them all and most are lucky to deliver 5-10 visitors a day. Conversions can happen, but at that rate it's going to take a while.

And to be fair, $5 a month is actually quite reasonable for what it is... but I just happen to think you can do a whole lot better!

At EzClix, we actively invest in External Traffic. Check the stats below and you'll see just how much of our traffic comes from other sites and services. We get you better traffic and more of it, and that costs a little more.

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