Terms of Use

Welcome to EzClix.club (the 'Site').

EzClix Refund Policy

EzClix has a NO REFUNDS policy on all purchases.

When you make a purchase, we start delivering on that service within minutes and so costs are incurred immediately. We also book additional advertising and purchase additional traffic packages, several times a week, based on recent member purchases.

We also have no control over the quality of offers you choose to promote, or how well they're likely to convert, so we cannot be held responsible for any results you might generate with our traffic.

So your risk is always limited to one monthly installment. We have done our best to keep the package low-cost and affordable for all our Members, so your risk is minimal if you choose to proceed.

If you are not 100% OK with that, please do not join EzClix.

EzClix Cancellation Policy

You can cancel any time and we will keep your account active until the end of the current payment period. So there is no need to wait until the last minute if you decide to cancel.

If you do decide to cancel your account, please submit your request at least 48 hours before your next installment falls due.

Your best option is to submit a ticket via the EzClix Helpdesk or if you've missed the 48 hour cut off, you can cancel it yourself via the Warrior Plus website.