Affiliate Program

EzClix is offered via a recurring subscription. We've kept the price low so anyone can afford to try it, and we've maximised the value so those that do will want to stick around.

We pay our affiliates 50% commissions on all subscriptions, so the easy-access will skyrocket your conversions and the product stickiness will keep your commissions coming for years at a time.

Our goal has been to create a service our customers wouldn't dream of letting go, with a referral program our affiliates wouldn't dream of not promoting...

What Is EzClix?

EzClix is a simple, inexpensive co-operative approach to generating quality web traffic

We offer a small set of powerful traffic generation tools that business owners, affiliate marketers, content producers, freelancers and agency owners can use to promote their business, quickly and easily.

What Is The EzClix Affiliate Program?

Our exclusive Affiliate Program is designed to grow our Traffic Co-op and make the EzClix system even more effective.

A key element of our referral program is to give ANY business owner the ability to cover the cost of their own EzClix Membership. Once that's done we wanted to give our Members the option to generate a compounding passive income when they help us grow our membership.

EVERY online business today is desperate for traffic...

Any business with a website needs a way to bring visitors through the door. EzClix delivers that.

Many new business owners start out thinking all they need is the website and the visitors will just magically start arriving. They usually get a rude awakening... and are soon desperately looking for tools that will breathe life into their ghost-town web presence.

For a savvy affiliate marketer, this is an enormous opportunity to offer a simple solution like EzClix, that is incredibly easy to use and generates instant results. Get them to try it and we'll do the rest to make you long-term recurring commissions.

EzClix Affiliate Program Rules

These should be common-sense, but just incase...

Absolutely NO SPAM. Be particularly careful with daily lead programs... they ARE NOT optin leads no matter what the sales page tells you, and we will get complaints. If we get repeated complaints we will ban all offenders from using or promoting EzClix.

Responsible Marketing Only. Don't make any exaggerated claims about the quantity or quality of traffic. You can share your own experiences IF you use the service yourself. Likewise DO NOT make any claims to potential earnings from using the product. This is a solid product as-is and there is no need for any BS.

No Self-Referrals. If you use your own affiliate link to purchase, we will cancel your account and block you from promoting or using our system. No exceptions. This is a team-build of a super-cheap product... self-referring is stealing from us and the other members and we don't need people like that.

Bottom line, promote to your leads how you'd like to be approached yourself. You usually can't beat a simple offer, a few supporting feature-benefits and a brief personal experience. Do that and get your leads to give us a try, and we'll do the rest!

How Do I Become An EzClix Affiliate?

EzClix referral program is managed via the Warrior Plus platform, so you can just create an Affiliate Account there and request approval to promote EzClix. However...

The vast majority of our marketing tools are embedded into the EzClix platform and require an EzClix Membership ID to work. You can promote using just your WarriorPlus affiliate link, but that really will limit the marketing tools at your disposal.

Warrior Plus Affiliates

EzClix Member Affiliates

Request manual approval. Please include details on how you plan to promote EzClix.

Send traffic to the EzClix homepage using your WPlus link.

Banners and email swipes available on the public Affiliate Tools page

Instant/automatic Affiliate Approval when you join.

Built-in tools that auto-promote your EzClix link.

Access multiple funnels that follow up on your leads for you.

Extensive banners, artworks, email swipes and more in the Members Area.

Open Warrior Plus Join EzClix First

Affiliate Tools

Email Swipes

Always rewrite in your own words for best results...

Short & Sweet

Features & Benefits

Affiliate Focus

Personal Business Contacts


We've got five banner designs in about 20 different sizes each, both animated and static, so that's a couple of hundred options to get you started! You can download the ZIP file to get them all, or use the preview option and just save those you want to use.

Download Full Animated (GIF) | Download Full Static Set (JPG) | Preview This Set
[ ]

Download Full Animated (GIF) | Download Full Static Set (JPG) | Preview This Set
[ ]

Download Full Animated (GIF) | Download Full Static Set (JPG) | Preview This Set
[ ]

Download Full Animated (GIF) | Download Full Static Set (JPG) | Preview This Set
[ ]

Download Full Animated (GIF) | Download Full Static Set (JPG) | Preview This Set
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Social Media Content

Here are a few of our larger static banner images and artwork that might be suitable for social media posting. You can link to them on our server... just right click and copy the Image Link. If you need to upload them to your own accounts, just right-click and save to your own computer first. Images are scaled to fit this page but most are larger to suit the platform requirements.